Ibiam International deploys its machinery to source and gather the various commodities right from the communities in which they are produced/cultivated in their countries of origin. We utilize a strong network of experienced and reliable local buying agents (LBAs) from these communities to achieve this. The products are gathered and transported to warehouses near the port of loading in preparation for the shipment after carrying out the necessary quality control measures. We do not compromise quality and always strive to deliver as at when due.

Once we have a commodity sourcing contract in place together with a client’s proof of financial capability, we move swiftly to procure and deliver in record time according to set targets.

We have good relationship with logistics companies for the transportation of these commodities from the hinterlands to the ports of loading ensuring prompt service delivery.

Furthermore, we have good rapport with the different shipping lines that ply the sea routes between the points of production and the various end markets to ensure fast and efficient cargo handling and delivery.


This involves the buying and selling of these commodities. In this, we gather, process and package these products for sale to the end markets through our available distribution channels.

The commodities are stored in our warehouses for distribution through our various sales outlets to meet the demands of the market.


We offer consultancy services to companies and individuals wishing to enter new markets where we are already operating. With our expertise, we have the prerequisite knowledge and experience to set up operations for firms in new markets to increase sales.


This is under study and in the nearest future; we will start processing to add value to these commodities to get finished products used in our everyday lives thereby boosting the local economies in the process.